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Fashion Boo Boos

Here are some fashion mishaps that we as women make. Some of us do it intentionally, thinking that we're hot, while others do it without even knowning about the ridicule and snickers that they receive behind their backs

1.  Visible Panty Lines

 Uh Uh, not cute. Dont we normally check our 

backside in the mirror before we step outta the house?     

2.  Muffin Top

    Being a size 2 or 14 doesnt matter. 

   Once your bottom is too snug, muffin top 

   will happen to you

3.  Replacing Pants with Leggings

     Tights are the easiet things to slip on. But tights are 

not to be worn as pants. They complement whatever 

outfit you are wearing but they dont hide the buffs and 

little prints that should be kept hidden.

5.  Too much Accessories

      A ring here, a statement necklace there. 

Chunky bangles here and oversized earrings there. 

Sounds good, right? But wearing them all at the same 

time is dizzying and automatically downgrades any look.

6.  Overhanging toes

     Now I know we all like to take out our dancing 

shoes and party but come on, if the shoe doesnt fit, 

why wear it and be the laughing stock of the entire party...