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A Player's Game

We all know that some men can be as good as gold while others are the complete opposite. We’ve read about them in the media and heard about them from friends, and we all know that players are guys we want to avoid when it comes to the dating scene. To avoid getting burned, here are some tips to easily identify a player.

1. The Wandering Eyes

Come on girls, lets be honest, we aren't blind and we all 

take a peak at an attractive person, but a player's eyes are 

constantly glued to every attractive person that passes by. 

When a player sees an attractive girl  it’s likely  he’ll lose 

complete focus on you and will have no type of cool 

about himself. Eyes will wander, but when wandering 

becomes consistent staring, there’s a problem.

2.  The calls aren't consistent!

Communication with a player isnt consistent. 

One minute, our guys will be texting and talking

for hours upon hours and the next minute 

you'll be noticing that the calls are short 

and the text is just a "i hope your day was good" 

and thats it. Inconsistent communication is a big red flag.

3. He's has a sweet mouth

    Some guys are just naturally sweet but until there’s some sort of emotional connection, most guys aren’t calling you pet-names or ringing your phone to say goodnight. If the guy you like is calling you baby and whispers sweet nothing into your ear, it may all seem nice, but it’s a trick. He’s talking you into letting down your guard and hopefully getting into his bed. 

Come on ladies, each and every one of us deserves a good man. Let's not be thwarted from what we all need, A GOOD MAN. Here are some quotes that will put a smile on your faces and hope in your hearts.